I am so fortunate that one of my nephews lives within driving distance from my husband and I. He has been a bundle of joy ever since he was born two and a half years ago. I am also fortunate that he allows his “Auntie Nee-Nee” to take pictures of him…even when it’s somewhat chilly out. :)

I’ve found that doing something small can take my mind other places, especially when I’m in the kitchen. I love baking or cooking country style recipes and imagining I’m in a farmhouse on a long, dirt path far from the main road. I imagine the windows are open and I can only hear sounds of birds instead of the busy highway I typically hear in our small, one-bedroom apartment. So, I spent the day yesterday in the middle of the Twin Cities with my lovely cousin, Ashley, as she baked her way through a peach tart recipe – what better way to escape the city life than to bring the country to the kitchen?