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Meet Nikki

Hello friend!

My name is Nikki Tran and I am the writer behind all of this; a creative old soul who loves the romantic things in life (as well as a soon-to-be retired wedding photographer).

My blog began as just a way to interact with my brides and grooms when I first began my photography business in 2012. I blogged about the weddings I shot, engagement sessions, as well as photography tips and tricks for both photographers and brides. However, as I grow and change, so must my blog. :)

I am no longer booking weddings or any photography sessions. Instead, I’m choosing a different path to follow. I’ve dreamed of learning to watercolor and draw for years – my goal since childhood was to write and illustrate my own book. So just like photography, I jumped head first into watercolors, teaching myself and practicing as much as I could while still keeping up with wedding photography. Fast forward a couple of years and I am now just a couple weddings away from official retirement and I am also following another dream of becoming a librarian. I am a district-wide Media Specialist and am in the process of completing my Masters in Library Science. But in between those hours of work and school, you can peek into my studio and find candles lit, Pride & Prejudice playing in the background, my little yorkipoo (Rusty) relaxing in his bed, and me completely and happily immersed in my paints.

This blog has gone from being about photography  and weddings to just being a lifestyle blog, filled with happy thoughts, life’s little romantic moments, watercolors, books…snippets of happiness, really. Each time you read this blog, I hope for you to leave happier, more at peace, with a little inspiration under your belt, and ready to take on the day. I love to write about our home (my cocoon and peaceful haven), Paul (my husband – the knees to my bees), Rusty (snuggly little yokipoo who loves wearing sweaters), homemaking, tea, books, writing, gardening, and other simple things in life that make it oh so lovely. Enjoy perusing the blog and feel free to say hi – I love finding new kindred spirits. :) xoxo