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Travis + Kristin | A Nicollet Island Engagement

This is a bittersweet post, dear friends. Wednesday night was our last official engagement session for Nikki Tran Photography! (Unless of course, somewhere in the future we get to do more. :)) So we decided to start the evening off the right way – we met Travis and Kristin at the adorable Nicollet Island Inn before our shoot for celebratory drinks and delicious crab cakes! How perfect!! They showed up looking like they were ready to get married that day; suit jacket, white fluffy dress, dressed to the nines – ’twas wonderful. :) Like a lot of our favorite sessions, we felt like we were laughing and chatting with friends and by the time we reached the end of our session we couldn’t believe it had been well over an hour! Time goes by when one is having fun, right? :)

So friends, enjoy this bubbly, bright, colorful, and very, very happy engagement session in downtown Minneapolis.. Travis and Kristin, we are SO happy for you and we are so excited for your Christmas wedding in December!! :) xoxoxo

Love this!

The blues, greens, reds…I loved all the color.

And then we saw one of the carriages that they will be using at their wedding!! :)


:) :) :)

I loved all their outfits – so classic. 


Gorgeous my love!!

:) :) :)

Such models. :)

Love this!! Can you believe it was dark by this time??

Love this!!

:) :) :)

Congratulations my loves!! So excited for you two and can’t wait for December!! :) xoxox

PS. HAPPY 4TH FRIENDS!!!! Be safe and have a WONDERFUL time!! :) xoxoxo

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