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    Welcome to the blog! My name is Nikki Tran. My husband is the bee's knees, our yorkipoo is my best friend, and my family is my world. I am so pleased you stopped by! Snuggle in your cozy chair, grab a cup of tea, relax, and enjoy reading about little snippets of my life as a wedding photographer and a creative old soul who loves tea, gardens, books, kindred spirits, & exploring lovely things. Check out my latest posts on the right. --->

Hello my lovely friends!! Excuse the absence from the blog lately – these past 3 months have been a whirlwind of weddings, engagements, meetings, editing, and traveling and I’m just trying to stay afloat! :) But once again, just as fast as it all came, the craziness of wedding season has subdued. Instead of racing against the clock to finish work, I’m able to have a leisurely workday – just me, myself, Rusty, and that life-changing pot of tea that always brings peace to my mind. I’m even lucky enough to have time to – dare I say – grocery shop!! Oh, the simple joys of life. :)

If you’ve been keeping up with my somewhat stale blog, you would have seen the gorgeous wedding of Kerby & Kailee’s last week. If you haven’t seen it, just take a look. Skim it if you must. Some of my favorite photos to date are from their wedding – I know you’ll love it. :) Go ahead, I shall wait.


Did you love it?! I knew you would. :)

As I said, amidst weddings and work, Paul and I managed to fit some traveling in. Each year, wallets and bank accounts permitting, Paul and I try to travel some place new. We try to take turns picking places (Paul leans towards all-inclusive-don’t-do-anything-but-relax-on-the-beach-with-a-drink-in-hand vacations, while I lean towards something-new-something-adventurous-tourist-type vacations) and this year we managed to fit two trips into our schedules – New York (click here to see that wonderful trip) and……………….California!! :) I picked California because a. my grandparents live out there about 6 months out of the year and I have only visited them once in Cali throughout my whole life (10 years ago to be exact!) and b. it’s warm, the ocean is there and c. DISNEYLAND and d. we both have friends that live in Cali. Although I have more photos to show you (and oh my goodness I cannot WAIT!), today I’m showing you my absolute dream session.

Like I said, one of the reasons we chose California was because we have friends living out there. One of those friends is my childhood best friend, Gina. She moved to California about 4 years ago? Is that right?! Time flies. Anyway, she made a life for herself out there and I couldn’t be prouder – she is dating this amazing guy, Alex (who you will see shortly), she has a good career and she is also an author!! I’m so proud! You can see her series of books here (she’s coming out with a new series soon – you can follow her adult series on Facebook and also her kid series!!) So, when the time came to actually plan our trip, I made sure Gina and Alex were free and up for doing a session on a beach. Anywhere. At sunset. Gina picked the location (I’m in LOVE) and on Saturday around 3:00pm, Paul and I picked up Gina and Alex at their Santa Monica apartment and made the coastal drive up to Malibu and El Matador Beach. The sun was perfect, the ocean was gorgeous, and I was in photography Heaven. :)

So friends, enjoy this tiny part of our trip (want some music to listen to? :)) and stay tuned for more bits of California (and my adorable grandparents :))!! Enjoy and a thousand thank yous to Gina and Alex for trusting me with this session!!! xoxoxo :) :)

To try and save on typing, these are ALL favorites. I just LOVE these.

Ahh!! That light is dreeeeaaammmy.

She has two different colored eyes. :) Isn’t she pretty??

These rocks were life-savers from other tourists and the harshness of open light. Love this place!

I usually don’t have people face the sun but I wanted some water without it being blown out. And I kind of like it. :)

The view from halfway up the top of the cliff. Gorgeous!!

Such models. :)

I was so happy at this point – these two did AMAZING.

Love this!! The water was freezing but these two were troopers!! :)

Love. :)

Are you swooning, friends?!?

Gorgeous you two!!

Oh my. Heaven right here, friends.


My goodness. My heart is full. 

Cannot WAIT to show you the rest of our trip, friends!! Happy Tuesday!! :) xoxoxo

It all started in 2nd grade. Boy meets Girl, Girl thinks Boy is annoying. Typical 2nd grade love. :) Fast forward to sophomore year in high school when everything aligned just right. Kerby & Kailee began their incredible journey that led them to this past Saturday. These two are the epitome of the kind of love most people dream of. I know that sounds cheesy, but that’s all I can think about when I’m around them. They’re best friends, they make each other laugh, they’re crazy about each other, they’re supportive, generous, loving, and the list seriously could go on. And I know I’ve only been around them a handful of times, but that’s how they are – you feel like you know them after meeting them once and you see how amazing they are together and how excited they are to be together, even after all these years. :) They deserve everything wonderful that happened at their wedding – all the amazing surprises (you’ll see soon :)), the friends, the family, the laughter, the tears, and the support.

Kerby & Kailee, we couldn’t be more thrilled for the two of you. You were so welcoming to us from the very beginning and we are so grateful for that! We’ve loved every minute of working with you and only wish it didn’t have to already end!! Congratulations a billion times and we wish only the best for you! :) Enjoy your honeymoon and your sneaky peek!! :) xoxoxo

I am in love with these details.

The girls got ready in a renovated church! It was gorgeous!

Gorgeous Kailee!

Stunning. :)

Oh Kerby, you’re so handsome. :)

Earlier that morning, Kailee’s dad and brother-in-law painted the bluff!! :)

First look. :) So sweet.

They are seriously the sweetest.

:) :) :)

So sweet.

Love this!

Gorgeous lighting, gorgeous girls.

You might not be able to tell because it’s blurry, but notice the beauty on the left?? :) We just did her wedding three months ago! 

There she is! Right next to Kailee. :)

They got married in Kerby’s small-town church. It was so tiny!! :)

Just married!! :)

Before their grand exit, these two sneaked away for a few moments alone. I love these!

Love this!

My goodness, I’m just in love with these photos!!

The colors!! The light!! Ahh!! I can’t help but smile when looking at these!

And then Kailee’s parents surprised them with a horse-drawn carriage. Oh. My. Goodness!!

Because every horse-drawn carriage ride needs some bubbly.


Our helper. :)

They were so pretty.

Anyone else humming Disney songs right about now?? :)

Couldn’t believe our luck that we found some leftover fall colors!

I have many, many favorites. :)

The horses had a route to follow, so Paul and I followed them and we made stops along the way. Kerby proposed on this beach last year. :)

Love this!

My goodness.

Too many to choose from. :)

A daring piggy back ride. :)

Love these two!!

Their reception was at the historic St. James Hotel in downtown Red Wing – gorgeous!!

Omigoodness, this table smelled so good.

And I loved how different their menu was! Chicken wings, burgers, Philly cheesesteak…

The speeches were so good!

Our bride & groom on the left, and our dinner table friends on the right. :) :)

Oh yes. And during their first dance, while the saxophone played and the singer sang Elvis Presley, Kerby’s parents surprised them with a fireworks show. Amazing!!

I’m in love. Seriously.

I LOVE when people get out and actually dance! And the band was amazing!! They played only the best songs.

:) :)

Congrats again, lovelies!! So incredibly happy for you!! xoxoxo



Ceremony: Christ Episcopal Church

Reception: St. James Hotel

Dessert: Hanisch Bakery

Florist: Inspired Home and Flower Studio

Band/Entertainment: R-Factor Band

Hair/Makeup: Michelle Dunlap

Wedding Gown: a & bé Bridal

Jewelry: Helena Noelle Couture

Carriage Ride: Lazy K Ranch

Invitations: JubeeleeArt

Table Cards: Hopeful Letters