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    Welcome to the blog! My name is Nikki Tran and I am a Wedding Photographer based in the wonderful Twin Cities of Minnesota. Snuggle in your cozy chair, grab a cup of tea, relax, and enjoy reading about my adventures as a photographer, a wife, and a mommy to a furry little child named Rusty. I am so glad you are here! Check out my latest posts on the right --->

Dreams & Taking a Poll

My goodness, it has been pretty quiet on the blog, hasn’t it? For that, I have no explanation except partial laziness. I really do love blogging, I promise. But the things I want to write about have little or nothing to do with photography. And sometimes, there’s really no point to the things I want to write about – sometimes I just want to write to you, update you with life, tell you more about our life here, or just write a little something that will send cheer your way! Sometimes there’s no rhyme or reason to my ideas that bounce in my head and I’m hoping that’s okay with you. :) The hardest part about this blog is really, I have little information on my audience – that’s you, friends! On my Facebook page, I know quite a bit are my personal friends, past and present clients, and even some photographers. But when it comes to my blog reader demographic, I’m clueless. This is where you can help! I created a poll specifically for my blog. All I need from you is to check the top two topics (or just one) you enjoy reading about – you won’t receive any spam or anything by doing this, but you will help me a ton!  I’ll still have a mix of posts on my blog, but this will help me hone in on posts you all enjoy, too. :)

On the days my favorite bloggers write new posts, I make sure I have a good pot of tea ready so I can fully enjoy it and I take my time doing so. My hope for this blog is that you look forward to reading it – you leave feeling happy and not like you wasted five minutes of your life. So, before I continue chatting away, could you pretty please take the poll below by choosing, at the most, your TOP TWO topics?? It would mean the world to me. :)


What Type(s) Of Posts Do You Enjoy Reading?

And now we continue! This is going to be one of those “no rhyme or reason” posts, I can just feel it. :)

As I said earlier, it’s been a tad quiet on the blog. And it’s also been a tad quiet at home. Since wedding season doesn’t start back up again for us until August, I’ve been keeping busy with my other part of my business (Photoshop actions – if you’re a photographer friend, stay tuned for this weekend when I release a new set of actions plus a big sale!)

The days begin pretty early for me; Paul has been helping me become a morning person. He wakes me up, so kindly, by turning on the bright light and singing really loud before he leaves for work. I come downstairs, the morning light blasting through the dining room doors, feed Rusty and make my tea and toast. It takes me longer than the average person to become fully awake and ready to start my day, so Rusty and I take it easy in the morning and I write or read for an hour.

Mine and Rusty’s days are spent cuddling, creating new editing recipes in Photoshop, catching up on paperwork, some daydreaming slips in, and really, just working towards my dreams. Paul comes home later in the day and thus begins our talk about our 5-year plan; our goals for work, our dreams, where will we go next, etc. Every day we talk about our dreams – it gets us excited, motivated, inspired, it keeps us going in the right direction. At night Paul works some more and I devote my time to painting, playing piano, reading, or writing. When the weather is lovely (which hopefully it will be soon – these cold temperatures don’t belong in May!) we meander outside to garden, have bonfires, or swing on our swing – lake in view and we discuss our dreams among the birdies.

Like I said, it’s pretty quiet around here – the hustle and bustle of wedding season is still at bay so until then, we use our days to work towards our dreams, and we dream a little more each day. That’s the wonderful thing about being married to your best friend, your dreams just sort of squish together to make one whole, giant, beautiful dream. We push each other, praise each other, dream together.

One of our dreams is coming true this weekend; we’re heading to NYC!! We’re visiting my brother and his family and then we’re all going together to the Big Apple. Sight-seeing, touring the Statue of Liberty (dream come true – my goodness!), finding great-grandpa’s name at Ellis Island, strolling through Central Park, seeing Times Square IN PERSON, singing Frank Sinatra while on the ferry with the City in view – yes, we cannot wait. :)

It’s time to get back to creating and paperwork (perhaps some lunch, too). Again, I would love, love, LOVE it if you would take the poll above – it would just make my day. :) The next time I blog I’ll be able to think to myself, “Alright, what do my friends want to read about today?” And I’ll actually know the answer!! :) Until then, see you in NYC, friends!

John + Leah ~ Afton State Park Engagement

There are some sessions that just leave Paul and I feeling elated and this was definitely one of them. Be prepared to swoon, friends. :)

At our first meeting with John and Leah, we just clicked. We had such a wonderful time getting to know them, their story, and their plans for their winter wedding. They already seemed like friends, which as I’ve said a billion times, creates a wonderful wedding experience; photo sessions are easy, there’s so much trust involved (trusting your photographer is HUGE), everything is fun, and the photos reflect all of that (just you wait and see). They asked me for ideas on locations (they picked my favorite spot – Paul and I got married there!!), outfit ideas, and throughout the entire session they put themselves completely in my trust. That just makes my day. :)

John & Leah, thank you so much for being so wonderful to work with and for bringing little Winston along (cute pups just make my heart soar – he’ll make your heart soar too, keep your eyes peeled for him). We had such a wonderful time with you two this weekend and cannot WAIT for your big day!! Enjoy your sneaky peek – there are a ton!! :) xoxoxo

PS. I’m sorry I’ve been so MIA from the blog lately – I promise, I’m working on kicking my blogger butt into high gear. :)


Look at the little sweetie! Bow-ties are an everyday thing for this gentleman.


I just love these – it makes me want to set up our tripod and do a session with Rust Man. :)

Almost every session I have to get on Paul’s back to get these shots. He’s always so helpful. :)


Gorgeous, girlfriend!!

Love, love, love.


Well done, John. Seriously!! You guys look amazing!

There was no “bad” location anywhere in the park. So much color, sun, what more could we want??

Love this! So many favorites!

Could you make our job any easier?? My goodness.

Gorgeous, you two!


Another favorite!

And then we found full-blown sunshine. Dreaaammmy.

I can’t help commenting – I just love these!

Stunning, girlfriend!

:) :) :)

My goodness.

Nailed it!!

Who doesn’t love a good sunset-dancing-in-the-street-moment?? :)





Davy + Lindsay ~ Vermillion Falls Engagement

While we were walking down the winding path towards an opening of old, beautiful ruins, I thought to myself how lucky we were that this is our work – we walk around places we’ve never seen in Minnesota taking photos of people in love! Sometimes I have to pinch myself – I know I say I work long hours but really, I can’t complain. Meeting people like Davy and Lindsay (and Lindsay’s sister – remember Kailee and Kerby’s session?!) makes those long hours totally worth it. While Paul is away at work, I’m in my office with my pot of tea, cuddling with Rusty, and going through hundreds of photos of joyful, romantic people and then I get to share them with you! So here I am, sharing another beautiful session we did this past weekend at a park tucked away in the middle of Hastings. Wonderful people, beautiful park, gorgeous sun – swooooon.

Can’t wait to celebrate your big day in August, you two!! :) Enjoy your sneaky peek!! xoxo

Beautiful, girlfriend!!


Another favorite – so many!! :)

And they brought their pups!! Such sweet things.

Dreamy lighting…

And then we found the ruins!!

Love these!

Another favorite…


Annnnnd another favorite.

Michelle Sutton - May 5, 2015 - 10:16 am

These are great! Davy and Lindsey you both look fantastic!