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    Welcome to the blog! My name is Nikki Tran and I am a Wedding Photographer based in the wonderful Twin Cities of Minnesota. Snuggle in your cozy chair, grab a cup of tea, relax, and enjoy reading about my adventures as a photographer, a wife, and a mommy to a furry little child named Rusty. I am so glad you are here! Check out my latest posts on the right --->

Kerby + Kailee ~ Red Wing Wedding Photographer

I’m not going to chat too long about these two because there’s a whole lot of photos on this post - all of them were my favorites!! Kerby and Kailee are seriously the easiest people to photograph; naturally cuddly, naturally cute, extremely photogenic, hilarious, and so, so, so kind. I’m so glad they found Paul and I for their photographers – I seriously cannot wait for their wedding!! Clicking with my brides and grooms just makes my day and with Kerby and Kailee, I feel like we’ve known them waaaay longer than a month. They even treated us to Caribou right before their session – they know the way to my heart. :)

Thank you so much for choosing us, Kerby & Kailee!! We cannot wait for your wedding this fall – you just make my job so easy. Cannot be happier for the two of you!! :) xoxoxo

Enjoy your sneaky peek!

I’ll start by saying I love ALL of these…just a warning.


Love their smiles!!

Seriously, I can’t even pick a favorite.

Beautiful, girlfriend!!

:) :)

Such models.

This is where they’ll be married in November!! Gorgeous, gorgeous church!

Aren’t they just adorable?!

The lighting, the grass, the sky – everything in this field was dreeeaaammmy.

I squealed SO many times during their shoot.

Well done, friends.

Swooooon again.

Yummy, yummy lighting.


Those eyes. My goodness, girlfriend. Stunning!

Love, love, love!

And then they showed us the bluffs!! Amazing!

NAILED IT. Well done, girlfriend. :)

I love their height difference. :)


So pretty!! Ahh!

And one last swoon.

Aren’t you all just excited for their wedding now?? I know!!

Until we meet again, friends. xoxoxo :)

The Office Makeover!!

I’m FINALLY showing you the befores and afters of my (technically “our”) office!! I know it’s been about 2 years but for the most part, the office is done!

Just the other day, I received a letter – a hand-written letter, it’s still an art – from my lovely cousin and she asked me when I was going to post the befores and afters of my office. So, I thought, why not?? I still don’t feel that it’s done enough to show everybody but I don’t think the office will ever be completely done. I love to decorate and rearrange so I’m sure in the years to come this room will change at least a little bit.

When I started redecorating this room, I wanted a romantic room to relax in while I worked. When I was younger I had this gorgeous yellow, flowery bedroom with hints of lilac and pink. I loved how bright and happy the room felt (rooms can be described as happy :)) and I wanted to recreate that somehow while still being able to compromise with the man friend. :) And friends, this is what I came up with (with the help of Paulie of course – hanging shelves, helping with the painting, and of course, creating his own work corner :)). Enjoy!!


Here is the before, taken a few months after we moved in about 3 years ago. I love yellow walls but the yellow that was on the walls was a weird, cool yellow. It didn’t look so good. Plus, the stars. No thanks.

Ta da!!! This is what it looks like as of right now (I just took this photo yesterday so it’s pretty accurate. :)). We painted the walls “Silver Drop” by Behr, hung white lace curtains, painted the trim and doors “Ultra Pure White” by Behr, hung painted shelves, added greenery, photos, an old crate filled with comfy blankets to snuggle with in the cold, cozy lighting, and hints of pastels. My desk is still not finished being painted. To be honest, I’m on the hunt for a nice, old, shabby chic white desk which is why I’m hesitant to continue painting…

Before again – when this was taken I was actually using the office, it wasn’t just a wasted space. But it still needed work. 

And now!! My favorite thing in the office is the painted dresser. That was a project I’d been wanting to do forever. See the before of it in the above photo?? I bought it at a garage sale for $2!!

I’d also like to paint the bottom part of this table. Still unsure of the color but I don’t really like the yellow. Also, thanks to you all for your votes, I now have a beautiful canvas of Kristi and Clayton on display! And it matches perfectly! :)

Books I love on display. :)

Who do those furry little loves remind you of?? Yes, we bought it at the vintage shop for $5 because we immediately thought of Rusty. :) Couldn’t pass it up!

Romantic photos are a must. :)

More lovely books and romantic prints scatter my shelves…

Although I use that white parasol at weddings, I like to keep it in the corner as if Mary Poppins is about to stop by for a Jolly Holiday. :)

Dumbo was for sale and I couldn’t say no. Those ears are just too sweet. Plus, Rusty has a friend when he cuddles in that crate.

We actually received 2 Canon coffee mugs for gifts! Paul uses one to drink out of and one to hold his pens on his desk.

The goal for this wall is to fill it with prints – favorite wedding photos, engagement photos, still life, etc.

Paul’s Corner. :) I know this probably doesn’t seem fair that I get 3/4 to myself, but Paul is just so wonderful that he doesn’t even care. :) 

His only request was to have his diplomas framed. :) So proud of this kid!

That’s all, friends!! Have a wonderful day – get out and enjoy the sunshine!! :) I drove today with the windows down – where has this blessed weather been and can it please stay forever??

Nana - March 14, 2015 - 4:14 pm

Hang on I might just have a old shaggy white desk for you…Love you more..

Matt & Erin ~ Lake Elmo Wedding Photographer

Omigoodness, friends! Where in the world do I begin with this post?! There’s just so many things I want to say about these two people and the amazing families they come from. As you might already know, if you read my last post (if not, read it here! :)), Erin is one of my oldest and dearest friends. She’s been in my life for as long as I can remember; I truly don’t know life without her and I am extremely thankful for that. I’m thankful we met all the way back in pre-school and I’m thankful to have been asked to be a part of her and Matt’s day 22 years later. What an honor, seriously. I know I say being a part of people’s wedding is an honor a lot, but I can’t explain how amazing it was to have all of these people that I’ve grown up with, excited that we were going to be photographing Erin and Matt’s wedding! Her family is like my second family, her parents are like second parents to me. Nancy and Larry have always being welcoming and loving to me and my family and I feel so blessed to have been a part of all of this! What else can I say?? I’m still on a “wedding high” from last weekend’s wedding so I’m sorry if I’m coming off a little strong tonight, but I just can’t help it. :)

And then there’s Matt. :) I’ve only met him a handful of times (they were also at our wedding three years ago :)) but my goodness, I just loved him right away. It made complete sense why Erin was marrying him; he’s hilarious and just adores Erin. There’s this super funny side of him that I’ve seen each time we’ve met, but during their first look and vows I got to see this adoring-ness towards Erin that was absolutely amazing. I truly couldn’t be happier for the two of them – they’re just perfect for each other. There was so much laughter with these two during their wedding day and really, what better way to begin a marriage?? I know they will have many, many years of happiness and I can’t wait to see what their future holds! :) 

Erin and Matt, thank you so much for everything. Love you and I hope you enjoy snippets from your beautiful, Irish-filled day!! :) xoxo


I just loved shooting her details. Gold is a new favorite for me. :)

Ladies, amazing job planning this wedding!! Everything was perfect!

Pieces of Nancy’s wedding dress was wrapped around her bouquet. :)

Ahh! So cute!!

Oh I just love these two.


You two are gorgeous!!

A favorite of mine. :)

Another favorite. :) Her little brother, Frank.

Oh Erin, swoooon.

I can’t stop writing! I just love these all!!

Love these detail shots from Paulie!

Matt’s mom and their officiant/friend. :)

First look!

Omigoodness, love his reaction.


I’ll stop commenting for awhile because as you probably have already guessed, I love ALL of these. These two make my job easy peezy.

Annnd I’m back! :) I love all the Irish parts of this wedding, especially these colors and dresses!

Sibling “selfie!” :)

Yes! I made it in here. :) Love you, E!


Their vows were perfect.

Just married!!

My momma made the banner. :) You’ll be seeing her and my dad soon…:)

There they are (on the left :))!!

Annnd Mom made it in again with Nancy. :)


All good speeches that night – lots of crying and laughing. :)

Love this one. :)

People, Erin and Larry didn’t even rehearse their dance and it was incredible. Well done you two.

Ahh! Love this!

Erin’s adorable grandparents have been married the longest – I want to say 56 years? Am I right? Either way, a long time. :) Love them.

And we sneaked outside for some lovely sunset photos. Dreeeammy. And quite cold.

Nancy and Larry have a photo in their house of the two of them on their wedding day, snuggled in the snow, and Nancy wearing the same cape. :)


Congrats, lovelies!! :) xoxoxox